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If you venture just a little further afield there's no lack of nature reserves, towns steeped in history (Magna Graecia included part of Apulia), archaeological sites, clean beaches and crystal seas. You're truly spoiled for choice: from the Castellana caves to Castel del Monte (a UNESCO World Heritage site), from Taranto to Ostuni and the Salento region, there are endless opportunities for enjoyable day trips, especially if you consider the huge number of special events, local festivals, fairs, concerts etc. Click here to find out more. In a very few words and in no order of importance, this is Apulia: history, arts, culture, scenery, sea, cuisine, people (kind and welcoming), air, sky, olive trees, trulli, nature reserves, dry walls, dawns, sunsets, oaks, hoopoes, jays, golden orioles, butterflies, almond groves, wheat fields, Murgia horses and the famous Martina Franca donkeys. By the way, have you already heard of the donkeys? They're so pretty you can hardly stop looking at them (there's a photo of one in our gallery). Did you know that Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, with the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites? That Apulia is perhaps the most beautiful region in Italy and therefore in the world? In other words, with Podere Papilio as your base you'll have a lot to see in the surrounding area, not least because there's an almost continuous streams of festivals, exhibitions, events and competitions with something to please everyone. Are you a music lover? Click here.



Nestled in unspoilt countryside, Podere Papilio is just 4km (2½ miles) from Alberobello, the world-famous town of trulli; 6km (3¾ miles) from Noci, the food-and-wine town; and 20km (12½ miles) from the sea. Located in an area wholly protected for its outstanding natural beauty, Podere Papilio offers its guests the delight of a rural landscape of lush fields and ancient oaks. The air is clean and our altitude of about 500m (1,640 ft) and the constant sea breezes ensure the climate is pleasant throughout the year. The surrounding area is a treasure trove of tourist attractions. The sea is not far away: you can be in Torre Canne, Monopoli or Polignano a Mare on the Adriatic coast in about 30 minutes by car; while the Ionian coast offers Taranto plus innumerable pretty coves. There are many interesting towns inland with enchanting old centres, such as Martina Franca, Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni, Grottaglie, Altamura or Conversano. There are also a number of fascinating nature reserves nearby, such as Torre Guaceto (a marine protected area and loggerhead turtle hatching site), Bosco delle Pianelle (nature park) and the coastal dunes reserve Parco Naturale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo. For more info, click here.



Podere Papilio is not only about peace, relaxation and flopping gracefully onto a lounger in the shade of an almond tree. Just five minutes away by car is Alberobello, the town of trulli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that thousands of tourists from across the world visit throughout the year. At the same distance in the opposite direction is Noci, the food-and-wine town. Talking about food and wine, Apulia is perhaps the Italian region with the richest gastronomic tradition, the innumerable regional dishes are delicious and tempting. This is due above all to the huge variety of produce grown in the region. From fish to meat, fruit to vegetables, everything is bursting with flavour. Perhaps it's due to the fertile, dark-coloured soil, perhaps it's the sun; whatever it is, in Apulia tomatoes taste of tomato, aubergines taste of aubergine and peaches taste of peach. Not like the things you buy in a supermarket. Tasting is believing.


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