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The name Papilio evokes the butterflies that fly light on the flowers of which the territory is rich. Thanks to the numerous varieties of indigenous, wild and opportunely cultivated plants, the colourful insects find an ideal dwelling place in which living, giving the possibility to appreciate the various phases of their complex biological cycle. Even the flowers are not lacking and, with the beauty of the landscape, offer many ideas for photography enthusiasts. Daniele, a passionate naturalist and expert photographer with a highly respected curriculum, is available to offer tips and technical tricks to the guests. Macro photography fascinates many fans, perhaps because it allows to penetrate details invisible to the naked eye and thus to know the world more in its most minute details. Daniele ("The photographer of butterflies") has made a guide in 14 chapters, with a series of notions useful to those who want to start this wonderful photographic adventure, but also to those who are already practical.



Daniele offers his thirty-year experience as a professional photographer to offer you an artistic portrait that highlights your unique personality. Hanging from a wall or placed in a picture frame, an artistic portrait in black and white is always topical, even after many years. Printed on a special canvas with a six-latex process for a light warm tone, the image retains its color for years and is immediately waterproof and indelible. The precious 4 cm thick spruce wood frame, coming from eco-sustainable plantations, protects the canvas from any deformation and allows to hang it with a simple nail. Available in the format you want, from 50 x 50 cm up, your portrait will be delivered directly to the address you prefer, signed by the author. Give yourself an artistic portrait, do not wait: time passes! A professional artistic portrait is precious, it's forever, it's for you and your loved ones. Click here and watch!



Nature in Puglia is really generous. Thanks to the thousands of colourful flowers, the blue sky, the graceful and colourful butterflies, you can take wonderful pictures. It is a pity, however, to leave them in the memory of a cell phone or a computer, much better to expose them hanging on the walls of the house for a truly extraordinary effect, in large format and in a variety of solutions. Even here Daniele can help by advising you for the best. Take a look at this video to see how it can become your home with nature on the walls. Click here to find out more.